If you have Firefox on your computer you should know that right after a new update has been installed, a Firefox Updated tab will automatically pop-up giving you the famous message : “You have been updated to the latest version of Firefox”. This tabs usually comes only once, upon opening Firefox for the first time, right after an update. Anyway, it may happen that this tab keeps opening by itself each time you start Firefox, along with a default Google tab. Let’s see how we can solve this issue.

Usually,  this issue is due when the Preference file doesn’t work properly, preventing Firefox from changing it once you first  saw the Firefox Updated message.  Here are a couple of solutions for you:

  1. Visit this page, directly available at Mozilla website and follow the steps to solve the issue.
  2. Install Mozbackup in Firefox and backup all of your Bookmark, saved passwords etc. Just do not back up the General Settings since they contain the issue you are trying to solve.
  3. Close Firefox
  4. Now, on Windows click Start, click Run… type %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox and hit Enter.
  5. Rename profiles.ini to  profiles.ini.bak
  6. Open Firefox which will recreate a brand new profiles.ini.
  7. Restore your stuff by using Mozbackup again.
  8. Done!
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