One annoying thing I noticed was that Visual Studio solutions were never showing up in the MRU list for Visual Studio. In fact, nothing was. It took about 5 seconds before I realized “duh… solutions aren’t associated with Visual Studio”. They’re actually associated with a stub called “Visual Studio Version Selector” which looks inside the .sln file and launches the appropriate version of Visual Studio if it is installed on your machine.

Personally, one version of Visual Studio is big enough for me so I always run the latest (currently Visual Studio 2008). I don’t need this version selector. Right Click –> Open With just screwed up the icons and didn’t help the MRU list problem but there was a very simply registry fix to make .sln files associate with Visual Studio 2008.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 
@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\\Common7\\IDE\\devenv.exe\" \"%1\""

Put the above in a .reg file or go into regedit.exe and do it by hand. If you need more instructions then the hack probably isn’t for you. Note that this will eliminate the ability to double click a .sln file and have it open in the version of Visual Studio that created it. But who really does that anyway.

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